Elven rogue


An elven rogue from the Corellon Forest, a longbow held in one hand and daggers ever at the ready.


Aviella grew up in the Elven cities of the Corellon Forest to the north west of Amon Erith.

At a young age, Aviella was enrolled at The Sehanine – Amon Erith’s foremost institution for the training of personal bodyguards and spies. The school’s lofty perch in the Corellon Mountains ensured harsh winters of endurance training and the Masters of The Sehanine, famed across the continent for their martial prowess, were unforgiving in their exacting tuition of the young elf.

Gradutes of The Sehanine pledged their loyalty to the most powerful figures across Amon Erith, ensuring their courts and councils remained safe against intrusion and subterfuge. It was then that, a year before Aviella’s graduation, The Sehanine announced to its students a departure from the old ways.

Graduation would now be achieved through a test of loyalty to the school and its Masters. The students were now given a choice: kill or be killed.

A target was chosen by the Masters. An assassination.

So it was that Aviella found herself in the boughs of the trees, just East of the Corellon Mountains, with Elevan Ilisere in the sights of her bow. The bow string taught against her cheek, an arrow pointed at his exposed back as he strolled through his homeland. And yet Aviella could not find it within herself to slay an innocent. A man famed throughout her homeland for his victories in the Wars of Apophis so many centuries before.

Aviella now knew she had no choice but to run.


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