Warforged fighter


A towering construct of metal, he looks out onto the lands of Amon Erith through eyes which are not his own, his soul trapped – placed there by evil he now seeks to slay.


Former student to an artificer of magical items, Dave awoke one day in a cold, dark cell. Before him stood an Elven druid and a human soldier that he had never before seen. Looking down for the first time, Dave discovered that his soul was now trapped inside an artificial construct.

Betrayed by his former tutor, Dave swore revenge.

Joining with his saviors, just part of a larger group of adventurers seeking fame and fortune in the Ilithian Mountains, Dave set out through the caverns with his new compatriots to confront a growing evil.

Defeating the towering Lord Nemeron, awoken from his centuries long slumber, Dave took up his axe. Then the voices started. His parents alive. Vengeance within reach. All it took was the soul of the man who had put him within his new form, gifted to the entity urging him towards revenge.

When finally confronting Waldron, within his tower to the North, Dave saw for the first time the cringing wreck this man was reduced to. Vengeance turned to ash in his mouth as he realised there was no solace to be found in extinguishing the life of one so cruelly treated by forces greater than himself. Forces against which he had no power.

Taking arcane orbs holding his parents, intact, Dave and his company set out toward Ithalon itself, resolving to fix this crime wrought upon him and his family and find those responsible.


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