Ilithian Fire

The Beginning

Session One

The session opened outside the village of Lindel.

The Adventurer’s Guild in Ithalon had asked the party to investigate a series of disappearances in the country surrounding the village and the forests sitting at the base of the Ilithian Mountains. These forests had become devoid of colour and life and the local forest deity seemed absent.

Arriving in the village the party heard from a villager that the local trapper had recently gone missing. Investigating his cottage they found a map of the surrounding area and mention of a local temple to the local forest deity – a minor spirit dedicated to Sylvanus.

Travelling to the temple the party observed a group of plate-clad men surrounding a fire, and a diminutive figure tied up at their feet. Dispatching these men, the party freed a young halfling bard – travelling to find stories of great renown – who called himself Usipuiss. Unwilling to countenance such a name the party decided his name was Upiss.

Inside the temple the party found the spirit of the forest bound and being drained of her power by a mage, dressed in red robes and an intricate golden mask. After slaying this mage, along with his acolytes, the party freed the spirit who gifted them magical items in return for their service.

The party then carried on towards the mountain…..


ilithianfire ilithianfire

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